virtual organization

virtual organization

Virtual organizing is a collaborative process.  The goals are the same as they are for in person organization:  find customized solutions that help you reclaim your space. 

The process begins with an initial free, comprehensive consultation.  You’ll show us your spaces and we’ll talk to learn more about the underlying causes of disorganization and your goals for our work together.  We’ll develop a basic plan of action and then schedule video chats, typically in 1 hr planning and strategizing sessions.  During these sessions, we will provide you with organizing tips and expert advice on how to reclaim spaces.  We can tackle things like:

  • Setting up an office or kids’ workstation
  • Developing creative solutions for tricky storage areas
  • Putting together an action plan to tackling clutter
  • Expert advice to help you kick start your projects
  • Accountability as you work to liberate your space
  • And more

In between sessions, you will receive organizing homework and accountability support via text or email.  The amount of time and number of sessions needed depends on the size and scope of the project and the amount of DIY work you tackle between sessions.

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For more information on our virtual organizing services, please reach out to us. Schedule your free consultation now!

Virtual organizing includes:

  • A free, virtual consultation
  • Professional organizing tips, support and encouragement during each session
  • A follow up email with a basic action plan and follow-up tasks from the session
  • A shopping list of product and research recommendations
  • Project planning and research in between sessions

What’s in it for you?

  • You are able to work with a professional organizer, even if there is not one in your local area.
  • It is easier to fit into a busy schedule because the virtual sessions are shorter than in-person organizing sessions
  • You don’t have to bring anyone into your home for this service
  • Accountability to your professional organizer to keep you on track
  • You receive a customized plan and tips from an experienced professional organizer

It may be the right choice for you if:

  • You’re extremely motivated to reach your organizing goals
  • You’re comfortable using technology on our phone, tablet, or computer
  • You have reliable internet access
  • You’re good at working on your own, but you want expert advice and instruction
  • You have the physical ability to do hands-on organizing work by yourself, or with support from friends or family members
  • Your schedule doesn’t allow for longer in-person organizing sessions
  • You live outside the South Sound area and want to work with a professional organizer
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For more information on our virtual organizing services, please reach out to us. Schedule your free consultation now!