We are providing both in-home and virtual services to clients at this time. However, we do have some additional COVID-19 related guidelines for maintaining a safe environment as we work together.

covid-19 guidelines

Polished Spaces

  • We will only come to your home if we and everyone in our households are feeling healthy.
  • We are fully vaccinated. We will wear a mask while on-site.
  • We will practice good hand hygiene which could include wearing gloves, using hand sanitizer, or frequent washing of hands.
  • We will work to maintain 6 ft distancing from each other and from you at all times.


  • We will ask you to confirm that everyone in your home is feeling healthy.
  • We will ask that anyone in the home wear a mask, at least when in close proximity with us.
  • We ask your assistance to maintain 6 ft distancing at all times.

We realize social distancing requirements can create a certain degree of awkwardness and we hope that by laying out these guidelines ahead of time, it will make things easier for everyone. While on site, if we feel that we can’t meet our social distancing and safety guidelines, services may need to be modified or rescheduled.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to working with you! We know COVID has provided some new organizational needs and opportunities, and we’re eager to jump in.